What is Freelancing With Tim?

It's always been tough to a freelance journalist. The industry is designed to be opaque, and getting basic information — much less information to move up and grow — is nearly impossible.

Freelancing With Tim is changing that by lowering the barrier of entry into journalism through weekly Zoom panels featuring seasoned journalists and hosted by me, Tim Herrera, and this newsletter, in which we offer advice, insight and guidance from industry veterans on everything from pitching stories and writing longform features to setting rates and building up your freelance business.

How are you doing that?

So glad you asked! Every week, I host a 90-minute workshop on Zoom focused on a specific topic or area of journalism, skillset, writing technique, writing genre, and much, much more. On top that, every week this newsletter delivers insider tips, advice, guidance, and resources on being a better freelancer and growing as a journalist. (And there’s even more for paid subscribers!)

That sounds great! How can I join?

Subscribe to this newsletter to get information every month about the Zoom workshops and to get all of that great advice right in your inbox.

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Demystifying the world of freelance journalism.


Demystifying the world of freelance journalism.